EL-210S, solid load cell

Model ELC-210S compression load cell is a heavy duty precision load cell. Specially designed to meet the increasing demand in load measurement with a high degree of accuracy and reliability, the load cell is ideally suited for measurement of compressive load or forces in struts application. The load cell is available in capacities ranging from 1000 kN to 3500 kN.

Model ELC-210S compression load cells have great resistance to extraneous forces. This increases the fatigue life, permits less stringent mounting alignment and reduces the possibility of reading error. The load cell is protected against dust, moisture and adverse environmental conditions.

Loadcell readings can be measured by using any standard digital read-out unit suitable for resistive strain gage type sensors. The data can also be automatically collected at desired frequency, stored and transmitted to remote server by a suitable datalogger using multiplexer/busmux or SDI-12 digital interface.

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