Dimense Ltd's references

Dimense Ltd. has completed over the years a number of loading tests for road and railway bridges. In addition, we are continuously excuting structural health monitoring on bridges and roof structures. Moreover, leak monitoring of municipal water networks belongs to our experiment area as well as moisture detection of real estates.

Our customers are for example Road Administration Of Finland, ELY centers, Sweco Ltd., VR Track Ltd., Pöyry Finland Ltd., Ramboll Finland Ltd., A-Insinöörit Ltd., WSP Finland Ltd., Ponvia Ltd., VTT, Cities of Helsinki, Oulu and Jyväskylä, YIT Rakennus Ltd., Destia Ltd., Fortum Ltd., FinnHEMS Ltd., and Boliden Kevitsa Ltd.

  • Loading tests of road and raiway bridges, 70 pcs
  • Long-term monitoring of bridges
  • Long-term monitoring of roof snow loads
  • Moisture detection of real estates
  • Water leak surveillance of water networks

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