Measuring and monitoring structures and environment

Dimense Oy is a supplier of measuring equipment -the business is in the measurement and control of infrastructure structures, properties and the environment. Our equipment is used for surveying and monitoring the deflections and stresses of bridges and roofs, the movement of embankments and foundations, and also for measuring the height and pressure of water in the soil and dams, indoor air quality and leaks.

The principle of our company is to serve the customer holistically and supply complete measurement systems. Due to our strong experience, we dare to address any customer measurement problem.

Dimense Oy is a subsidiary of Emlid and Tersus (precision GPS / GNSS receivers), Encardio Rite (measurements of ground motion, displacements, elongations and water pressure), Gutermann AG (water leakage measuring equipment) and Aplitop (surveying software). and construction technology) distributor in Finland.

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