Aplitop TcpGPS

This DGNSS application on an Android or Windows device allows the user to use a wide range of GNSS receivers on the market (such as Emlid Reach RS2) that are connected via Bluetooth to a phone, tablet or computer. The device on which the program is used acts as both an interface and a data warehouse. The application has several possible uses for mapping and marking plots, terrain and linear works using basic maps as well as cartography and online map services. After completing the survey or importing a file of measured points, it is possible to mark these points on the ground quickly and easily. TcpGPS allows the user to perform field work on measurements of farms, roads, crops, etc. Finally, the resulting data can be exported to a variety of formats (TXT, GML, KML, etc.) and synchronized with Google Drive so that it is immediately available on any other platform.

The TcpGPS app is available for all Android devices running version 6.0 and above, both smartphone and tablet. TcpGPS Windows runs on both Windows and Windows CE.

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