Tersus GeoBee30 is a cost-effective solution for setting up a permanent GNSS base station. With Tersus Ntrip Caster Service, Ntrip Modem and David30 GNSS Receiver, GeoBee30 enables users to send real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections over the Internet (Ethernet or 2G / 3G / 4G) in a simple and user-friendly way with a SIM card or Ethernet cable without static IP address. GeoBee30 can also act as a GNSS rover to receive RTK corrections from Tersus Ntrip Caster or any CORS service. Ntrip Server Mode: Use the David30 GNSS receiver to create a base station. This temporary base or CORS is intended for surveying, agriculture, UAV, machine control, etc. It is also ideal for monitoring deformations. Tersus GNSS Inc. provides Ntrip Caster for data transfer. In Ntrip client mode, connect David30 or other Tersus GNSS receivers to the Tersus Ntrip Caster or any Ntrip / CORS service. The David30 is mainly used for surveying and is also used as a GNSS sensor in various applications such as mobile mapping, machine control, precision agriculture, etc.

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