EDS-20V-AW weldable strain gauge

The Encardio-rite model EDS-20V-AW strain gauges are intended primarily for long-term strain measurement and are suitable for surface mounting by welding on steel structures such as bridges, piles, wye sections, pressure shafts, tunnel linings, and supports, etc. The tube is flattened in the middle to accommodate a sensor (coil/magnet assembly) in the construction. To mount the strain gauges, two annular mounting blocks are accurately positioned and aligned by a dummy gauge and welded to the structure. The strain gauges incorporate the latest vibrating wire technology to provide a digital readout on a remote vibrating wire indicator.

The model EDS-20V-AW provides further protection by suitably sealing the joints with heat shrinkable tubes. In addition to this, a special waterproofing compound seals the plucking coil in the sensor assembly from any ingress of water.

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