KASTE - the humidity and leakage control system for buildings

Isn’t water there where it should be ?

Do you want your property to remain dry and avoid mold at your building?

KASTE – humidity measuring and leakage control system detects when water is going to a wrong place.

Indoor air problems are commonplace in new and old buildings. The origin of the problem is often mold fungi which lives at moist structures. Moisture can enter the building in many ways: the roof can leak, drainage ditches flood, water pipes may leak and bathroom fixtures break. Even in new houses moisture can remain in the building materials during the assembly or concrete floor does not dry out because of a construction error.

KASTE - measurement system includes two kind of sensors: 1) humidity sensors, which measure air relative humidity of the concrete floor, external walls, ceilings etc. and 2) leak sensors, which indicate water leaks, for example, below a dishwasher and washing machine. All sensors are connected in the same cable network. KASTE monitors the humidity level of your property and gives alarm signal, if necessary.

In the control program each sensor has been given a moisture limit, above which the main unit triggers the alarm sound while a relay switches on an alarm in the building automation system, if such is available. At the same time a signal lamp turns on at the corresponding sensor on a touch screen. Additional options include a 3G connection, SMS alert and internet software that enables the measurement to be followed on any internet-connected computer or mobile device. The monthly fee also includes a maintenance contract. All sensors are wired to the same network serially, which makes it very reliable in comparison with systems operating with battery power.

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