The Internal Air Quality (IAQ) affects both to human health and comfort. The internal air quality depends on many things, like power of air ventilation and heating or cooling and also the sources of gaseous and particulate impurities, both indoors and outdoors. SIMOLA is a solution for measuring the air quality and viewing and comparing all the results utilizing open data principle.

SIMOLA IAQ meter is a total solution for measuring internal air quality, including measurement of differential air pressure, humidity, temperature, CO2, TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), PM2.5 and PM10 (atmospheric particulate matter) as well as noise level in dBA scale. The IAQ meter settings can be edited using a touch screen and the measured values are stored locally to a SD card and also sent automatically to the Simola data base via a NB IOT- network, a worldwide standard technology.

The open data base means that all registered users of the Simola data base are able to see all the measurement results from all Simola IAQ meters. Not only the measured results but also the structural parameters, like materials, location, use and age of the building are stored there. The results can be searched by filtering, utilizing all the measurement and target parameters. The values can be seen as curves and distributions – which can also include data from many different measurement periods and targets.

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