SM125 is a static FBG interrogator which can read all types of strain, temperature, displacement, acceleration, and pressure sensors manufactured by Micron Optics, Inc. SM125 is capable of measuring absolute wavelength changes, and due to its on-board NIST certified calibration unit the instrument need no other calibration. The capacity of 4-channel SM125 can be expanded up to 16 channels by using a multiplexer unit which allows for simultaneous measurement of over 100 sensors. SM125 is delivered with ENLIGHT-software which is an essential part of the measurement system.

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Micron Optics, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of FBG-based measurement instruments and sensors in the world. Micron Optics' structural health monitoring products are developed for a long-term measurement in harsh environment like bridges, energy production, and aviation. The product portfolio of Micron Optics include various strain, temperature, displacement, and acceleration sensors as well as multi-channel static and dynamic interrogators which are maintenance-free and need no calibration.

Additional information about Micron Optics' other products can be found in address www.micronoptics.com.

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