EMLID Reach RS2 is based on the satellite receiver circuits of the Swiss u-blox. The Reach RS2 is a multi-frequency RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter accuracy for surveying, mapping, forestry, agriculture, geologists and navigation. RS2 is a very cost effective solution for many purposes. It can be used with the free Reach View app (Android, iPhone and PC). RS2 includes both LoRa and GSM modems. The RTK correction signal can be obtained, for example, from another RS2 navigator (free of charge via the LoRa network), from a commercial VRS network or as free NTRIP correction data via the GSM network. You can also set up your own base station network using Emlid's own server and receive repair data from another RS2 via the GSM network. Currently, you can connect two base stations to one system that can send correction data to a maximum of 10 mobile stations.

Reach RS2 searches for a seat in seconds and maintains solid performance even in challenging conditions. Accuracy for surveying can be achieved at distances of up to 60 km from the base station in RTK mode and at distances of 100 km in PPK mode. The recommended distance from the base station is up to 40 km.

The technical features of the device mention an IMU that would allow automatic tilt correction of the dipstick, but this feature has not yet been implemented in the device. It is hoped that future software versions will be able to take advantage of it. The tilt correction of the dipstick makes the measurement faster and minimizes measurement errors. For such use, we recommend the Oscar Ultimate model (see Tersus website).

PPP support: RINEX raw data logs are compatible with OPUS, CSRS-PPP, AUSPOS and other PPP services, so you can now get centimeter-accurate results anywhere on earth. Process RINEX files online and get the location with absolute precision.

Built-in 3.5G modem and UHF LoRa radio: The Reach RS2 features a powerful 3.5G HSPA modem with worldwide coverage. Patches can now be accessed or sent through NTRIP independently without trusting your phone's Internet connection. In remote areas, the Reach RS2 has a built-in LoRa radio that has proven to be a reliable link for RTK corrections at distances up to 8 km at 100 mW.

Designed for harsh environments: The Reach RS2 is designed to be waterproof and shockproof. Its body is made in a two-stage injection process and is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate covered with a special elastomer for extra protection. The receiver has a 5/8 '' thread according to the industry standard. The Reach RS2 LiFePO4 battery is designed for 16 hours of operation as a 3.5G RTK rover on a single charge, regardless of weather conditions.

Positioning with ReachView: Easy-to-use software available for both Android and iOS, for free. With ReachView, you can collect and locate points and manage all the features of Reach RS2. Setting up a base station, recording RINEX data, configuring NMEA output - everything can be done in ReachView.

Data output formats: DXF, CSV, GeoJSON and ESRI format file

Data input formats: CSV, DXF and GeoJSON

Common recording format: RINEX2.X, RINEX3.X

Points Collection: Create projects and save points with a custom name and description. Define data quality rules. Data collection is fast and intuitive because ReachView is designed to feel like the most popular map apps.

Pile Marking: ReachView can guide you to any point. At a distance of 50 cm, the point application interface changes the view to a "bubble display". Align the bubbles on the screen by moving the receiver - when the interface turns green, you are at the point.

Base Station Mode: Configure your base station using Reach RS2. For streaming fixes over the network via NTRIP / TCP or LoRa radio, save support logs for post-processing. Reach RS2 as a base station can send a correction to any number of mobile stations (Rover) and is compatible with Reach RS + and M +. Reach RS2 is also compatible with any receiver that supports RTCM3 and NTRIP. External radios are supported via RS-232.

Real-time navigation: The Reach RS2 can send the exact coordinates to your tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi via the navigation application. The RS-232 interface allows the Reach RS2 to be connected directly to the autopilot system.

Compatible applications: MachineryGuide, AgriBus-Navi, Efarmer, Agripilot.

Solutions: NMEA, ERB, plain text.

What's in the box: RS2 unit, LoRa antenna, USB cable, Carrying case with strap, ReachView app (available to download from any app store).

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