EMLID Reach RS + is an RTK GNSS receiver with centimeter accuracy for measurement, mapping and navigation. Can be used with the free Reach View app (Android and iPhone). RS2 includes a LoRa modem. The RTK correction signal can be obtained, for example, from another Emlid navigator (free via the LoRa network), from a commercial network or from a station that distributes repair data free of charge. Using real-time correction (in RTK mode), the accuracy in the x and y directions (longitude, latitude) is on the order of about a centimeter at best.

RS + differs from the RS2 model in that in RS2 the connectors are more secure, below the device, when in RS + they are on the side, without rubber protection. However, the RS + is IP67-protected, which means it can withstand momentary immersion in water to a depth of 1 m. RS + has fewer channels than RS2, which is reflected in the speed of measurement in demanding conditions such as in the forest and in an urban environment near buildings. RS + does not have a GSM modem, ie if it is needed (eg to receive a correction signal from a base station), the same telephone with which the measurement is operated can be used as the GSM modem. In other words, as a rule of thumb: if you operate, for example, in an environment where trees have been felled and there are no other buildings nearby, RS + gives as accurate a result as RS2. For more demanding environments, we recommend the RS2 model.

The technical features do not include an IMU that would allow automatic tilt correction of the dipstick. The tilt correction of the dipstick makes the measurement faster and minimizes measurement errors. For such use, we recommend the Oscar Ultimate model (see Dimense Tersus webpages).

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