The os3610 is based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) technology and is available two gage lengths of 25 or 100 cm. It is intended exclusively for surface mounting. Each end of the OS3610 is attached to the structure via rigid brackets that are either welded, bolted, epoxied, or grouted to the surface of a concrete, rock, steel, composite, or other structure.

Armored cables, a rugged sealed steel body, and optional connector protection fittings make the OS3610 suitable for harsh environments.

In side-by-side comparisons with vibrating wire and foil strain gages, the OS3610 is equally sensitive and accurate, while providing corrosion insensitivity and 100 times more fatigue life.

This sensor can be used alone or in series as a part of an FBG sensor array. Installation and cabling for such arrays is much less expensive and less cumbersome than comparable electronic gage networks.

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Micron Optics, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of FBG-based measurement instruments and sensors in the world. Micron Optics' structural health monitoring products are developed for a long-term measurement in harsh environment like bridges, energy production, and aviation. The product portfolio of Micron Optics include various strain, temperature, displacement, and acceleration sensors as well as multi-channel static and dynamic interrogators which are maintenance-free and need no calibration.

Additional information about Micron Optics' other products can be found in address www.micronoptics.com.

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