KEPSI – RTK-GPS position measurement device

KEPSI is a RTK-GPS measurement device for structural health monitoring and position measuring with cm-level accuracy.

The measurement system consists of synchronized receiver units, one located at a fixed position and other receivers at the structure under measurement. KEPSI is suitable for monitoring the movement of suspension bridges, chimneys, masts, wind mills, and other high-rise buildings. The measurement results can be examined locally on 7“ touch display of the main unit or alternatively via internet as a webpage presentation. When a pre-determined threshold value is exceeded KEPSI gives an SMS alarm message.

KEPSI utilizes several types of GNSS satellites, i.e. a combination of GPS and GLONASS or GPS and BEIDOU. Accurate measurements necessitate that the antennas have open sky visibility.

KEPSI receivers, fixed and moving, are connected to the main unit using a RS-485 bus. The antenna with a standard 5 m cable is mounted to a structure using a L-bracket or magnet.

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