KASTE – Real estate humidity measurement system

Is water not there where it should be ? Do you want your building remain dry and avoid micro organisms. KASTE measurement system detects problems where water has gone to a wrong place.

Bad indoor air quality is a common problem in old and sometimes in new buildings. Quite often the reason is microbes, such as mold, which are living on humid structural elements. Humidity may come into a structure due to a roof leak, for example. Other possible ways are leaky drains, water fittings, and water pipes. Even new buildings may suffer from moisture which may arise e.g. from using wet insulation material. It is also possible that a concrete floor can not dry out due to wrong material choices.

KASTE humidity measurement system monitors humidity state of a building and gives an alarm message, when necessary. KASTE sensors measure relative humidity from floor, base floor, exterior walls, and ceiling or any other structural elements. The measurement system consists of RH sensors (KASTE 35) and data transmitters (KASTE 485). KASTE sensor comes with 8 m long cable which is connected to a data transmitter, which in turn is connected to a building automation system with a RS485 bus cable. The data transfer between transmitters and building automation system utilizes MODBUS protocol. KASTE allows for connecting tens of sensors and transmitters into the system with four bus cables in maximum.

KASTE SBC central unit is developed for making humidity measurements without a building automation system. KASTE SBC enables saving of measurement data to a SSD memory or a USB memory stick, and monitoring the results using a WLAN connection. With a browser based software a user can define upper limits for humidity, and when this limit is exceeded the system can send a SMS alarm message.


Humidity measurement range 0–100 % RH
Humidity accuracy

±2 % @ 0-100 % RH (typical)
±2.5 % @ 0–90 % RH and ±2.5 - ±3.5 % RH 90 - 100 % RH (maximum error)

±1.5 % @ 0-80 % RH and ±1.5 - ±2 % @ 80-100 % RH (typical) and
±2 % @ 0-80 % RH and ±2 - ±3 % @ 80-100% RH (maximum error)

Temperature measurement range -40…+125 °C
Temperature measurement accuracy ±0.1 °C @ +20…+60 °C
Data bus RS-485
Size 115 × 65 × 35 mm
12 × 80 mm (sensor diameter × length)
Power source

3.3 V

Cable length 8 m


Data bus RS-485
Memory type SD-card 16 GB and USB-memory stick
Central memory 1 GB RAM
Other connections Ethernet, WLAN, USB
Size 120 × 78 × 43 mm
Power source 12 VDC or 24VDC (separate unit)


Data bus for transmitter RS-485 (MODBUS)
Data bus for sensors I2C
Power source 12 VDC
Size 115 x 115 x 60 mm
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