EAN-26-M movable inclinometer

The EAN-26M model is one of the most advanced MEMS digital inclinometer systems of the world. It uses Android mobile phone as a readout and data storage unit so that it is having the high computational power and high-resolution color display capabilities.
This system is used to measure the lateral movement and deformation of a structure. It provides information about a magnitude of inclination or tilt and its variation with time in structures like retaining/diaphragm walls, piles, etc.
This system consists of inclinometer casings with couplings, probes with operating cables and a mobile phone data logger. Accessories like a dummy probe and calibration jig are available on demand.

EAN-26M digital inclinometer system consists of a traversing type digital biaxial tilt-sensing probe and a reel unit. The reel unit contains a winding reel that holds the cable and a wireless Bluetooth relay unit that transmits the probe data to the data logger. A rechargeable battery in the reel unit supplies power to the whole system. Operating cable graduated at every 0.5 m (2 ft) includes a high tensile straining member and is supplied with an easy to carry reel.
The probe is designed to use all standard inclinometer casings i.e. with OD 70 mm (2.75″) & 85 mm (3.34″).

The mobile phone readout uses a wireless Bluetooth connection to communicate with the inclinometer reel unit.

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