DMM - Deflection Multi Meter

DMM (Deflection Multi Meter) is a new type of level measuring device for monitoring the condition of large load-bearing structures such as bridges.

The measuring device, which consists of a flat laser and DMM units, measures the deflection or deflection of a structure from several points in real time, making it unique compared to other measurement methods such as a total station. The DMM measuring device is suitable, for example, for measuring the deflection of a bridge during a test load and can also be used for long-term monitoring of the structure.

The DMMs (sensors) are connected in series and are read by a computer via an RS-485 cable, which also supplies the system with operating voltage. The MODBUS protocol is used for data transfer, which allows DMM units to be connected to other measuring systems. The measurement results can be viewed with any measurement program that uses the MODBUS protocol.

In many applications, DMM units can be attached to the structure with clamps or magnets, making the system very flexible and quick to install.


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